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Grey iron casting

Key words:

Grey iron castings, ductile iron, complete sets of finished products

The company is mainly engaged in the production of ductile cast iron and gray cast iron. The products involve automobile engines, pipeline equipment, petroleum machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, pump body valves and other cast iron products; in addition, the company has precision machine tool processing equipment such as CNC lathes, CNC Processing, general turning, milling and boring machines, etc. are supporting products.


Product Details

Application: packaging machinery

We carry out customized production according to the requirements of materials, process technology and quality provided by customers, and carry out ODM development according to customer's requirements for the performance and use of components, and provide one-stop service of product development, design, production and delivery. With the goal of building a modern enterprise, we have established and improved a scientific mechanism and organizational system that are compatible with the modern enterprise system, and have formed a professional team with excellent production skills, scientific management methods and perfect quality control. Scientific management, democratic decision-making, and perfect operation are the management policies that Fengtong Machinery has always adhered to.

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